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So I got a new cell phone about six months ago, and while I immediately enjoyed the crappy camera it came with, for the most part I hadn’t explored the other features.

So I was waiting for Joel to pick up his rental car (a few pictures of his visit to come) at LAX last night, and I was playing with the “voice command” function.

Now, I assumed that because my old, shitty phone was made by the same manufacturer, I had to record names to be able to use voice dial.

But when I was tinkering with the phone last night, I noticed that its voice recognition software is ridiculously good. I tried like 20 different names and it picked them all up immediately.

And that’s just from taking what I typed in for each number’s name, and using some sort of conversion technology.

It’s really weird, it’s ridiculously advanced voice recognition technology for what’s basically a run-of-the mill shitty camera phone.

Granted, it’s not a feature I really use that terribly often, but it’s certainly useful when I’m driving.

Also, it’s something else for the “marginally useful yet totally nerdtastic feature” pile, a category that usually determines what electronic device I’ll be purchasing next.

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  1. Reply Laz Nov 2,2004 6:18 pm

    My phone’s voice dial is also quite good, which is great while driving. Talking on the phone while driving isn’t really dangerous – dialing while driving is.

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