I really need to remember when I’m not working that I need to adjust my caffeine orders on the rare occasion when I go to Starbucks.

I was tired and going to a movie that I defintiely needed to stay awake through, so I stopped by Starbucks and ordered my standard drink: A triple grande skim mocha.

The problem is, usually when I’m tired enough to break down and buy Starbucks, it’s the Friday of a 70 hour week with no end in sight, I’ve been chugging minimum 3 diet cokes a day, and I’m just desperately trying to stay awake.

This time, I hadn’t had anything caffienated in days, so to hit my body with that much caffeine after having none was probably an unwise choice. I’ve been feeling weird and fucked up since I got out of the movie.

I’ll be lucky if I can get to sleep before 3am.

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