Now Where Did I Leave My Earplugs?

It appears my next-door neighbors have purchased some sort of karaoke apparatus.

I found this out this evening while watching the World Series, as they were putting it through its (really loud) paces.

They did not manage to concurrently purchase the ability to sing on-key. If you saw how off-key Liz Phair was during the 7th inning stretch, you have an inkling of how bad these girls are.

Suddenly, I wished my insanely loud amplifier was not buried at the bottom of my closet, because I would have blasted the wall out between us with my bad Hendrix impressions.

If they do it again tomorrow, it might just be worth digging the amp out. Although if you don’t hear from me for a few days, it’s because the pile of crap that the amp is buried under fell on top of me and trapped me.

If that happens, please send help. I’ll be the one under the pile of crap with the bleeding ears.

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