Miniature Dilemma 1

I suddenly got hit with the odd urge to play miniature golf this weekend, but there’s an odd problem in Southern California.

In the Yahoo! Yellow pages, there are eight listings for miniature golf courses in all Los Angeles county area codes.

There are 20 listings in the 310 area code alone for full-sized golf courses.

The closest miniature golf course to me is directly in the landing path for LAX. The next closest one is in Torrance, about a half-hour in clear traffic from me, so about four hours in practice.

There’s a lot of things I like about this town, but I think I’ve definitely found one more for the “negative” column.

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  1. Reply TRoyal Oct 22,2005 11:32 pm

    I vaguely one being in Long Beach..but that doesn’t help you any. D’oh.

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