Kitty’s New Toy 7

My cat, for whom I have acquired about four dozen cat toys that are now batted under various pieces of furniture, has found a new favorite toy.

The description of how this works doesn’t really do the full picture justice. If I can somehow get video of him doing this, I’ll do it, because it’s fucking hysterical.

There’s a little springy doorstop thing at the base of my front door that prevents my doorknob from hitting the drywall when I open it too fast. You know the kind I’m talking about.

The cat started out just batting at it. It made a funny “Sproing!” noise when he did that, so he decided to keep doing it. Then he decided it was edible.

There is nothing funnier than watching a cat repeatedly make a doorstop go “SPROOOOOOOOOOING!” right in his face as he watches it wobble back and forth at high speed, utterly mesmerized.

Fortunately, he got bored with it before the sound made me insane, but I was just about falling off the sofa laughing at him last night.

Yes, I am easily amused. Why do you ask?

7 thoughts on “Kitty’s New Toy

  1. Reply Laz Jan 14,2005 9:00 am

    There’s a cardboard box in my spare bedroom that has a very springy flap. Casey just sits there for like a half hour at a time pawing at it. He pulls it down, it flaps back up. He pulls it down, it flaps back up. He never gets sick of it. If only life were so simple and amusing. :)

  2. Reply Kim Jan 14,2005 2:07 pm

    Our cats like the string from my PJ pants. Rudy runs around with it in his mouth and Natasha chases him until they play tug o’ war…:)

  3. Reply Joel Jan 15,2005 8:08 pm

    Now I knew Casey was easily amused, but to go all the way from Arizona back to Indiana just to play with a cardboard box–now that’s impressive.

  4. Reply Jack Jan 16,2005 9:02 pm

    In the vein of pet tricks, thought i’d share mine from yesterday. I met mike’s new puppy, Riley, last night. He seems to like to bite everything (unsurprising) but anything too big to fit inside his mouth seems to scare the shit out of him. Especially mike’s basketball. So when Mike dribbles the basketball around his basement, riley attacks it trying to get his mouth around it. When he finally gets on top of the thing he realizes he can’t get his mouth around it and fleees, but jumping off of it sets the ball rolling after him like the bolder running down indiana jones. sometimes Riley wins this race, sometimes he doesn’t. It’s kinda like watching the sausage race at miller park…

  5. Reply Ellen Jan 17,2005 1:14 am

    Aw, puppy :)…But is there a Pittsburgh guy with a baseball bat to stop the ball or the dog?

  6. Reply Jack Jan 17,2005 4:41 am

    No. Jim Joyce didn’t make this trip.

  7. Reply Ellen Jan 17,2005 4:18 pm

    Hee, nice. I guess you’ll just have to put the dog in a sausage costume then. Unless it’s a wiener dog. Then that’d be kind of redundant.

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