Just So Everyone Knows…. 2

If I ever give you anything, all you have to do is say to me, “Thank you.” That’s all I need. Do not, in addition, send me a Thank-You Note.

I think Thank-You Notes are a pretentious and antiquated tradition designed only to make the recipient of a gift look better. I hate sending them, and I hate recieving them.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve sent me one previously, as I don’t think I’ve ever publicly stated my position on this issue. And if you don’t have time to actually tell me thank you, then by all means, send a note.

Just send it in an email. Don’t waste the stamp. It’s nice to know that a gift is recieved and/or appreciated. But you don’t have to tell me (and you shouldn’t have to tell anyone) twice.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Sunday evening slackage.

2 thoughts on “Just So Everyone Knows….

  1. Reply Mark Jan 31,2005 1:57 pm

    What’s this about?

  2. Reply Ellen Feb 1,2005 2:10 am

    I have been consistently harassed for the last 2 months of computer problems, cat problems, and overwork to write thank you notes. It’s just one more thing I don’t need to do and I feel is totally unnecessary. And I personally hate getting them, since I know how much I hate to write them and know how little feeling normally goes into them. And you can tell when feeling goes into them and when it doesn’t. The ones where there’s obvious feeling are appreciated, but those are few and fucking far between.

    Must not get on another rant….

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