I Promise Not To Complain About The Rain Again (At Least For A While) 5

Because of this picture of Brendan, forwarded to me by Mark:

That would be the walkway to Brendan’s house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where they’ve had 43 inches of snow in the month of January.

For reference purposes, Brendan is somewhere between 5’9″ and 6′ tall (I can’t remember exactly. Brendan?).

Say what you will about crazy California weather, at least (except for mudslides and the occasional bit of quake rubble) we don’t have to shovel anything.

5 thoughts on “I Promise Not To Complain About The Rain Again (At Least For A While)

  1. Reply Laz Jan 28,2005 5:56 am

    I know a guy who could take care of that with a plow for fifty bucks. :)

  2. Reply Jamie Jan 28,2005 12:20 pm

    Oh, how I miss the north…where there’s snow in the winter and people don’t freak out and traffic doesn’t back up for eight hours because of ONE INCH of snow. But since I didn’t get caught in any of the traffic jams, I can laugh at the thought of what any of these people would have done if it had really snowed.

  3. Reply Mark Jan 28,2005 2:37 pm

    And we all thought “The Day After Tomorrow” was just a MOVIE…

  4. Reply Tara Jan 28,2005 2:47 pm

    Brendan’s about 5’11”. And we are lucky enough to live near a parking lot, so we did have a big ol’ plow clear out our parking space. But this is Bren’s noble attempt to free our trash cans from under the pile the plow left so we could finally take out our trash.

  5. Reply Brendan Jan 28,2005 2:55 pm

    Yeah, the picture was mainly a joke for my LA office cause they couldn’t believe we made it into work with all the news coverege about the BLIZZARD OF ’05. But seriously, Laz, a plow did that, and couldn’t push it any further. You’d need a Bobcat or a backhoe to move it any further, or, just me.

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