Governator Update 3: Rise of the Bunny Slope

My dad passed along the story in the local Sun Valley paper about Arnold’s unfortunate accident, which identifies the culprit run:

The California governor, Hollywood actor and part-time Ketchum resident was taken off the mountain in a ski patrol toboggan after he reportedly tripped over his ski pole, fell and broke his right femur near the half pipe on Lower Warm Springs, a gentle ski run marked “Easier” on Sun Valley trail maps.

I think it’s hilarious they took him such a short distance in the toboggan. I suppose it would have been a little more undignified for the governor of California to slide down the hill on his ass, but it would have been a lot faster.

I’ve seen Arnold ski (he blew by me real fast one time and I almost went and “accidentally” sprayed him on a hockey stop, until I recognized him and realized he could crush me like a bug), and that’s maybe four, five turns at most from the bottom of the mountain.

As my dad put it, “That is almost as bad as breaking it in front of [ski shop] Paul Kenney’s.”

That injury would be dad’s from about six years ago, when he fractured his tibia slipping on the ice walking from returning his skis over to the hot dog stand.

To Arnold’s credit, he at least agreed to seek medical help immediately. Dad drove all the way home to Atlanta, then waited another two weeks and eventually had to have the bone reset.

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