Geek vs. Geek

This week my boss is still directing. More 16 hour days on set, and a lot more learning. The TV geek part of me is very happy.

However, the gadget geek part is having a slight panic attack. This week is both the international Consumer Electronics Show and the Macworld San Francisco expo.

Now, I realize not finding out about things AS THEY HAPPEN! is not the end of the world, but seeing all the dueling coverage and seeing the goofy reveals live is pretty damn entertaining, and I’m going to miss about 90% of it this year.

I’ve got several people promising to keep me updated on anything big announced, though I’m fully expecting a couple fakes (“Steve Jobs just announced a personal spacecraft! It’s called the iOrbit and it’s the size of a newt! I totally want one.”).

Luckily, a few companies are releasing stuff at CES today for me to drool over or laugh at tonight.

Speaking of things to laugh at, The L Word starts up their new season tonight. I’d like to say it cannot possibly be worse than their last season, but when they scrape the bottom of the barrel, they have a a remarkable ability to punch all the way through.

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