Flamethrower Sales Must Be Up 2

Beacuse I don’t know anyone who’d go near one of these without one.

I saw that on Fark and remembered the good old days, when my mom used to use little butter tubs full of beer to attract and kill slugs in our yard.

The slugs would not only drink the beer but absorb it, which is a pretty good way to get alcohol poisoning and die. Then the yeast in the beer would dissolve the slugs.

However, you’d need at least a 40 for one of those snails. Preferably a keg. But a flamethrower would still probably work better.

2 thoughts on “Flamethrower Sales Must Be Up

  1. Reply Laz Jun 5,2004 8:04 am

    GAH! GAH! GAH!

    Why’d I click on the link? I read the rest of the post. I knew what was coming. Why’d I click on the link? WHY? WHY? WWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?


  2. Reply Ellen Jun 5,2004 11:50 pm

    Makes you thankful that you just have IT’s, and not the evil snails from hell, eh Laz?

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