Faaaaaantastic 2

This is exactly what I want to read the night before I fly into L.A. Key quote:

Possible wind gusts as strong as 70 mph in the mountains and up to 50 mph in coastal areas prompted the weather service to post a high wind warning for many mountain areas and a gale warning for coastal waters.

The storm could also bring heavy thunderstorms, up to two feet of snow at the highest mountain elevations, and waterspouts off the coast.

Oh goody, now I get to see if I can grip the armrests on the plane so tightly that I leave dents in the metal. That’s a curiosity I’d just been dying to satisfy…

2 thoughts on “Faaaaaantastic

  1. Reply Laz Dec 28,2004 7:08 am

    They’ll fly above it. They have the technology. :)

  2. Reply Ellen Dec 29,2004 7:10 am

    No they don’t, apparently. The plane I was on got bounced around like a fucking sardine can in a tornado.

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