Chicago: A Photo Tour 3

So I had a good fun time in Chicago, and a few photos from select events to prove it. To wit:

I stayed with my friend Joel, whose size 13 shoes can be found next to his gigantic goddamn cat, Socks, in this picture. The cat also snores like a rusty chainsaw.

Another shot of Socks. She’s a sweet cat, but she partially sat on my foot, and the portion of her that was on my foot weighed more than my whole cat does.

Friday night, a bunch of us gathered at the Friar Tuck for fun and Silly Hat Night:

Kim and her husband Nick got us off to an excellent start.

Joel and Cleo improved Mexican-American relations.

My former roommate Adam and I improved Pirate-Canadian relations (given the pig latin post I made later in the evening, I shouldn’t be surprised I’m already showing off the drunken eye-droop…)

The Jons, after a fiasco in which they had to retrieve an ID, show that even idiot bouncers can’t keep them from showing off their fabulousness.

Megan and Jen, putting up with my insistence upon their wearing the silly hats, despite their late and sober arrival.

The one thing I’m not including a picture of was a pair of people drinking shots out of an inflatable sheep’s ass, since I have a feeling these people would prefer not to have pictures of themselves doing this on the internet.

So Saturday, Steve and I went to go visit Elisa, Ray, and Aidan in Champaign:

This kid is so fucking cute. He’s about 2 weeks old in these pictures.

Elisa is introducing Aidan to the fighting Illini at an early age (they did win the game pictured here).

He’s got gorgeous little eyes when he opens them.

“Hm, are you hungry or do you need me to change your…oh, yeah, time for a change!”

And of course, proud papa, watching the basketball game while the little man dozes.

Thanks especially to Joel for letting me crash on his couch, to Elisa and Ray for hosting me and Steve so soon after the baby was born, and to everyone who managed to make it out to come see me in my drunken and/or hung over stupor.

One day I’ll come when it’s not so goddamn cold.

Update: I managed to photoshop in a Blue Dot of Shame to obscure identities, so the inflatable sheep pictures are now up at Unfocus Group.

3 thoughts on “Chicago: A Photo Tour

  1. Reply Joel Apr 7,2005 7:06 am

    She’s not fat, she’s big boned!

  2. Reply Kim Apr 8,2005 12:50 am

    Speaking as the owner of a fat ass cat, that’s one fat ass cat ;)

    Baby is SO cute!

  3. Reply Nate Apr 8,2005 5:59 am

    Baby is HUGE! At least compared to Elisa. Damn girl, how did you keep from exploding?

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