Bad Kitty

When you are on the phone trying to console someone over the loss of a beloved pet is a bad time to:

a) Have your cat start yowling into the phone and
b) When this does not get your attention to a satisfactory degree, start biting down on your arm to the point when you try to raise your arm away, the whole cat comes with it.

I felt really bad, because in addition to being quite sad over the loss of said pet, who was an awesome pet, I was also in a great deal of pain from Chaplin chomping down on my arm.

And I couldn’t very well yell at the cat, since it’s pretty poor form to go from consoling someone to yelling, “No! Bad kitty!” and then try to go back to consoling them.

Of course, the second I got off the phone, Chaplin went back to being mister lovey-dovey.

Anyone got some feline lithium? Or band-aids?

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