Attention Bad TV Movie Fans

Everything’s not lost. Despite NBC’s decision to push back 10.5: Apocalypse, thanks to CBS, you will still have something to see this November in the genre of Bad Made-For-TV Disaster Movies.

That’s right, from the makers of the stultifyingly awful (as opposed to spectacularly awful, which 10.5 was) Category 6: Day of Destruction comes Category 7: The End of The World.

They did manage to pay for a slightly more expensive cast this time. We have Gina Gershon (who one would think can get better roles than this shit) and Shannen Doherty (…yeah, that’s about right for her) getting blown around by some nasty sneeze of a storm.

The only returning cast member seems to be Randy Quaid, whose character appeared to die in the first one, so one can only hope he’s back as a flesh-eating zombie.

Now THAT would be a much better movie. Gina Gershon with a comically oversized shotgun chasing around zombies while wearing a black leather assasin’s outfit and, uh….I’m sorry, I got distracted for a moment. As I was saying, zombies could only improve this franchise.

Although it might start moving from Bad MFTV Disaster Movie and into Bad MFTV Monster Movie, of which we already have an entry for the November 2005 sweeps period: Vampire Bats, which airs this Sunday.

God, I love sweeps.

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