The Clown Cars Are Dead, Long Live The Clown Cars

So I finally cracked and got a new cell phone. My old one had been going downhill for quite some time, refusing to hold either a charge or a signal recently.

The other thing about it that pissed me off was that it didn’t have a decent ringtone. There was no standard ring, only silly weird ringtones.

I also refuse on principle to pay for a normal ringtone, and I really don’t like the idea of having a song as a ringtone, because they usually sound pretty shitty.

Becuase of that, I had to choose from what they gave me. So I decided if it was going to sound stupid, it might as well sound really stupid.

I chose the absolute worst ringtone I could find, one the phone called “Chickens,” but which Cleo dubbed the Clown Cars ring, because it sounded like it should accompany clowns in tiny cars.

The Clown Cars were the bane of my existence (and the existence of those around me when my phone rang) for almost two years. I was fucking through with them.

So I got a nice new phone, and now I have a normal goddamn ringtone. It’s so wonderful to hear the dulcet tones of a normal ring instead of obnoxious bopping clowns.

The Clown Cars are banished to the recesses of my memory, only to be heard from again during nightmares.

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