A Frightful Vision Of My Future 3

Lorene Machado writes in Margaret Cho’s blog about becoming an iHo: The slow, steady process of having Apple products take over your life.

I just bought a PowerBook (with AirPort wireless) about five months ago, and I’m already coveting an iPod.

I’m trying to justify away the iPod lust by explaining that I really want one for my car because I drive so much and sick of shuffling CDs around in my car, since I refuse to listen to the radio anymore.

There is, of course, no response to the “Why don’t you just get a cheaper, non iPod music player?” other than, “Because it’s so fucking cool!”

It begins…

3 thoughts on “A Frightful Vision Of My Future

  1. Reply Laz Apr 11,2004 8:56 pm

    I have an iPod. I like my iPod.

    BUT I HATE APPLE PRODUCTS. My iBook from work SUCKS. And all other mac products are the tool of the devil. BOOOO APPLE!

  2. Reply Ellen Apr 12,2004 12:44 am

    iBooks are the bottom of the line in terms of processor speed, hard drive space, and other capabilities. Also, cost, and knowing corporate computer-buying patterns, they probably bought the cheapest, shittiest ones they could get away with. Thus, they’re supposed to suck.

    My hopped-up G4 powerbook with a gig of RAM, a 60 gig hard drive, and a DVD burner, however, is quite fine, thanks :)

  3. Reply TRoyal Apr 14,2004 12:57 pm

    Our iBook kicks ass. We drove the reception music from it, and we have the wedding pictures on it, too. And my G4 (when I order it) will kick ass.

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