Neologism 3

I’m not sure if I came up with this word, but it’s become my new favorite over the last couple of days.

Crackmonkey– (n) A person who runs around like a monkey on crack. Includes fits of giggling, restlessness, and babbling. A natural state: If drugs are actually involved, the person is just high and eligible for the title of crackmonkey.

I’ve been acting like a crackmonkey for large chunks of the week. Running around like a maniac, annoying the shit out of co-workers, and all for no fucking reason.

There’s a couple potential reasons: I drink enormous amounts of caffiene to keep myself awake in the morning, and sometimes it all hits at once, causing me to act like a crackmonkey.

Also, sometimes my long-dormant ADD decides to act up for a few hours, and I run around like a crackmonkey until I can bring it back under control.

But regardless of my own personal situation, I feel that crackmonkey is a fantastically descriptive term that should be brought into widespread use.

3 thoughts on “Neologism

  1. Reply Kim Apr 9,2004 5:30 pm

    crackmonkey…different than ass monkey (see also

  2. Reply mrs. e. Apr 9,2004 5:43 pm

    i’m more than happy to help you bring crackmonkey into widespread use. woo!

  3. Reply mark Apr 11,2004 7:57 am

    Crackmonkey – that funky Monkey
    Crackmonkey – junkie
    That funky Monkey

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