I’m A Bad Jew 2

For dinner on this first night of passover, I had pasta and foccacia bread, followed by a dessert of chocolate chip cookies. I think this violates nearly every rule of not eating leavened bread products.

It definitely violates every rule of the Atkins Diet.

2 thoughts on “I’m A Bad Jew

  1. Reply Laz Apr 6,2004 5:54 am

    I had some matzo as a snack earlier today. But then I had a Turkey-Bacon-Swiss for dinner. I’m doomed.

  2. Reply Jamie Apr 6,2004 2:32 pm

    My family’s in town for my brother’s spring break; mom actually spent half the day cooking and we had a seder, my first with family in four or five years. I wonder if I’ll keep Passover all week this time…

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