I bought a new bottle of shampoo a while back, because I thought I was going to run out far before I actually did. I bought my traditional Pert Plus, with its 2-in-1 cleansing action.

However, they didn’t have just plain old Pert Plus at the store when I went. They had Pert Plus Fresh, which I figured just meant it had some sort of different smell, perhaps in the minty family.

Oh no. I put it in my hair, and I felt a weird burny/tingly sensation on my head. I look at the bottle, to see if it’s supposed to do this, and lo and behold, it is. “Provides a refreshing tingling sensation!” is the copy that I missed.

I don’t really like shampoo that has to make my skull tingle to convince me it’s working. I think that’s just too much, like the shampoo is trying too hard to gain my approval, by attacking my scalp to convince me that it actually cleans my hair.

I feel like that’s a waste of energy. I’d prefer that the shampoo focus on my hair and not my scalp. The hair is what it’s supposed to be cleaning anyway, right?

But now I’m stuck with this giant bottle of tingle-tastic shampoo, so I guess I’ll be feeling the burn for the next month or so.

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