Houseguest Guinea Pig 2

The fabulous Miss Cleo is coming to visit. This is the good news, for it shall be fun.

The bad news is that she’s the first houseguest (who’s actually staying here) I’ve had since I moved into my apartment six months ago. Which means that it’s Flight Of The Bumblebee Cleaning Time!

The definite advantage of having a fairly small apartment is that it takes quite a bit less time to clean. I remember cleaning my apartment in Evanston was an all-day Saturday affair for three people.

My apartment now is probably between half and a third the size of that place, and it also has carpet instead of hardwood floor (which, ironically, is a lot easier to clean). I’ve probably done about half my cleaning in about two hours.

However, it’s been a while since I’ve given the place a thorough cleaning. And by a while, I mean enough time for my dustbuster to have randomly accumulated grime from my assorted cooking experiments.

You know you really need to clean when even your instruments of cleaning need to be cleaned.

Cleo will probably give you all an update at some point about exactly how pathetic my attempts at cleaning are, or how if I hadn’t posted this she would have been impressed by the level of (attempted) cleanliness I keep here.

But now the secret’s out. And tomorrow morning, so will three large bags of assorted trash. Oh well.

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  1. Reply Cleo Mar 16,2004 3:22 pm

    I have digital camera! There will be pictures!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!

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