Nobody’s Home

We’re on hiatus for about a week and a half, and everyone on staff got Wednesday through Friday off. Of course, since I technically work for a contractor, I don’t get paid days off, so I have to come in if I want to pay my rent.

So me and most of the rest of my department are all there, and except for the sporadic appearance of an executive producer or a random assistant, the office is absolutely dead.

It’s really weird to be in an office where nobody’s around, especially if you’re working like it’s a normal day. You expect to take a break and go make small talk…except every office is dark.

You can run through the halls, you can shout obscenities at the top of your lungs you can (theoretically) play ping-pong for hours (except I returned phone calls all day). But somehow, it’s nowhere near as fun as if you were doing that at school.

The one nice benefit is I can get my car onto the lot and park right next to the building I work in. Usually I park across the street, but it’s nice to get to be supremely lazy for a couple days.

And I can steal parking spaces that are normally assigned to people with way, way more power than me. It’s kind of a weird little vicarious thrill to park in an Important Space. It’s such a cliché Hollywood thing, but it’s fun.

Alas, just until Friday. Monday everyone comes back from vacation and we all get to play catch-up for a week before we start taping again. Thaaaaat’ll be lots of fun.

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