Score! 2

So I did not win the Oscar Pool at work. That honor, and over $600, went to one of the producers, and the iPod went to one of our production coordinators.

I did, however, hit the length of the ceremony right on the head (at 3 hours and 47 minutes), so I won some DVDs and a CD from the Giveaway Lockup (of stuff we already gave out) at work.

I got:

– 2nd season of Frasier DVD

– Spellbound DVD

– Lost In Translation DVD

– The Beatles on Ed Sullivan DVDs

– the new Indigo Girls CD (which I had been planning on buying this weekend anyway)

I was gonna grab a season of X-Files we gave away, until I realized it was one of the seasons with Doggett, and those episodes bite.

But still, I’m very happy that I actually managed to pull the correct length of the Oscar ceremony completely out of my ass, and thus accumulate Free Shit.

2 thoughts on “Score!

  1. Reply Laz Mar 3,2004 8:30 am

    Frasier? Ugh. I’d rather be chained to a chair with my eyelids propped open with toothpicks for a week while an endless loop of “Fear Factor” plays. I don’t think there’s anything more annoying than faux-intellectuals with faux-British accents. Who the hell decided to make a sitcom out of people like that? And how in the holy hell did it last this long? Got-DAMN this country sucks sometimes… :)

  2. Reply Ellen Mar 4,2004 10:29 am

    I’ll grant you, Frasier’s gone on about four seasons too long. If it was after about season five, I wouldn’t have taken it. But you cannot watch the episode with the door-slamming farce at the ski lodge and tell me that’s not some funny shit.

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