Fun From 2001

I’m going through and getting all my old emails off of my old comptuer before I wipe the hard drive so its new owner will have some prayer of being able to use it.

I’ve got emails from exes, a whole folder of people’s reactions to 9/11, and all sorts of other stuff. Every once in a while, I come across something really funny.

This was a conversation I had with my father when he was setting up his then-new apartment. He was trying to get some large planter pots onto his “terrace” (a.k.a. porch).

I emailed it to myself because it was too weird not to save:

Dad: Did I tell you the problem we had with the terrace pots?

Me: what happened to the terrace pots?

Dad: Four of the terrace pots were too big to get through the terrace door. To replace the door would cost $6,000. Use of a crane costs about 400, so a crane is coming tomorrow.

Me: you rented a CRANE?

Dad: Yep. The crane will be at the loft at 9 am

tomorrow. Sound like fun?

Me: this apartment has gone from absurd to downright surreal.

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