Official Poseur 2

I’m now an Official Hollywood Poseur: I’ve acquired mercandise for a generally rural company whose products I have little to no contact with, nor probably ever will.

I got a John Deere hat at work today. John Deere sent us a bunch of hats because their product was featured in a segment on the show.

Of course, it was a segment of Ellen and Mandy Moore mowing the NBC lawn with Deere riding mowers, because for some reason Ms. Moore really wanted to mow a lawn with a riding tractor before she turned 30.

Have I mentioned that I work in the Twilight Zone? If you want to see what I’m talking about, the segment will re-air tonight (thurs. night) at 11/10c on Oxygen.

But anyway, I got the hat, and when they were giving ’em out and I was like, “Ooh! I want one!” I realized that I have officially become a Hollywood Poseur.

I will clarify, however, that it is NOT a trucker hat. It’s a normal hat. I have not lost my mind to the extent that I will wear trucker hats or anything emblazoned with the Von Dutch logo.

But here I am, wearing the John Deere hat as I type this.

I’m not sure whether Elisa’s husband Ray, who actually fixes John Deere tractors for a living (and thus is one of the few people actually entitled to wear a John Deere hat without being mocked), would be proud or shaking his head at what an idiot I am.

2 thoughts on “Official Poseur

  1. Reply Patrick Jan 15,2004 9:52 pm

    Wait, wait, wait. Go back. Continue your discussion of Mandy Moore.

  2. Reply Ellen Jan 18,2004 2:53 am

    heh, okay. Mandy Moore was also wearing an outfit so skimpy that she ended up needing a blanket when she walked into our icebox of a studio.

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