Hee 4

While writing the last post, I had the Jets-Raiders game in the background, and when a Jets player broke a tackle for a massive touchdown run, the commentator said “Holy Toledo!”

I think he is the first person to use that phrase since 1954.

4 thoughts on “Hee

  1. Reply Tua madre Nov 9,2003 10:07 pm

    I was driving with my mom in the car and wanted to yell, “Holy Shit!” but instead it came out “Holy Sssss-stromboli!”

  2. Reply Ellen Nov 10,2003 8:36 am

    who are you, person signing things “your mom”, but in italian?

    i’m so terribly confused.

  3. Reply Kim Nov 10,2003 9:50 pm

    Uh, forgot to change that back last time :)
    Stop cursing, Ellen.

  4. Reply Ellen Nov 11,2003 8:53 am

    hee. you don’t even know my mom, and yet somehow, you can predict her reaction to everything i say: “Would you stop already with the cursing?”

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