Apologies for the lack of posting and for the extremely long time the post about cursing stayed on top. A list of a few of the excuses that kept me from doing so:

– Overall exhaustion based on some jackasses upstairs deciding weekend mornings are the best time to use a circular saw and a power drill in the echoey core of my building, and my inability to locate and kill these people.

– Exhaustion from running around like a maniac at work for the last three days of the week.

– Being so exhausted that some of my insomnia is starting to die off, and said insomnia being a main reason I’ve been keeping this so up to date.

– Blogger eating at least one post that I can’t even remember what it was about right now.

– Watching movies in places other than my apartment.

– Sheer, unadulterated laziness.

The other problem is that outside of work, I don’t have a whole hell of a lot going on in my life, and I’m never particularly sure what in work falls inside or outside of the nondisclosure agreement I signed.

Clearly, things that are talked about on the show are fair game, but they’re not until after the show aired. I think I can get away with “Watch Monday’s show, Will Ferrell’s interview is hilarious” (which it is), but I can’t give you details or tell you why.

My outside of work life consists of attempts at cooking, then collapsing on the couch and burning cellphone minutes talking to people or watching stuff I taped/TiVoed for several hours until I pass out.

And really, there’s only so many ways you can make that entertaining unless your routine breaks. And for some reason, through the end of this week, it hasn’t.

So my apologies. I’ll try to have something interesting happen to me this week.

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