An Ode to ‘Dillo Day

‘Dillo Day: Get up, get drunk, fall down, repeat,

Or smoke enough weed you can’t find your feet.

Pick your substance on this ridiculous day,

And never let sobriety stand in your way.

Have Kegs And Eggs at eight a.m.

To start this day of drunken mayhem.

At NU where students normally bore,

Today we’re all drunks and whores!

So drink until you can’t see straight

(Or get sick of drinking, right around eight).

Avoid saying prayers to the porcelain god,

And please try not to puke in the quad.

Enjoy this cool, sunny ‘Dillo day,

Because they don’t often come this way.

Have a great time hanging out with your friends

And pray good times like these never end.

Have fun, everyone!

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