So sometime over the weekend, my counter went up to 3,000 hits. I’ve had this thing up here, sporadically, since summer. I think it’s been up and working for a grand total of about 3 months. So there’s 1,000 people reading this a month…

Or, far more likely, 25 or 30 reading it over and over and over.

I’m glad this little excercise in weirdness seems to have gone so well. I initially started this because I was interested in the venting possibilities, and because I missed the excitement of being able to communicate with people since I haven’t performed much lately.

I certainly won’t say it’s a substitute for performing, since you can’t see the audience’s reaction, but it’s still nice little ego boost to know that people find this amusing enough to read on at least a semi-regular basis.

It’s even done enough to bump me up to being the first thing that comes up when I Google myself.

I’ve been bitching and whining about wanting to start performing and recording again lately, since I’ve been pretty much silent for much of the last two years. First it was work, then it was being in a relationship, then it was work again, and it still is work.

But I’m glad that I at least have had some way, over the last seven and a half months, of amusing and entertaining people.

I’m still not linking this off my main site, because my parents still have no idea of the existence of these Adventures, and that’s the way I prefer it, since there are large slices of my life that I’m fine telling my friends and even total strangers about, but I’d prefer my folks remain blissfully ignorant to.

And guys, if you do know, for fuck’s sake DON’T TELL ME. I feel a lot more comfortable talking about my drunken exploits to strangers (who, theoretically, don’t care) than I do to my various parental units (who certainly will).

Thanks for reading, and on to 4,000!

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