Damn You, Apple

You are sorely testing me, you evil fruit.

First, you push back Leopard until October, then you go and release these shiny new LED backlit laptops that I would have bought sometime in the next month with a copy of Leopard had it come out on time.

Instead, my aging, creaking, full, angry PowerBook will be forcing me to Force Quit for another four months, because I can’t justify buying a new computer just to drop another $130-150 on a new OS 4 months later.

I suppose the one good thing is that maybe I’ll have time to pay off my giant pile of medical bills and get my Computer Fund back up to snuff by the time Leopard actually comes out.

In the meantime, the Spinning Beachball of Death will taunt me and taunt me, until nigh upon All Hallow’s Eve when, to quote Wayne’s World, “It will be mine. Oh yes…it will be mine.”

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