Back In The USA

Well, we’ve made it all the way back to my mom’s house Washington, D.C.

We walked in the door here and when I called my dad to tell him we’d made it, we saw about the bombings this morning in London.

Pretty damn scary, especially since we were staying one tube stop from where one of the bombs went off.

And this after finding out last night that my mom would not actually be here since she’s still in Connecticut with my grandmother, who has taken a turn for the worse in the last few days.

As of this morning, my grandmother’s doing somewhat better after getting rehydrated at the hospital, and when I called last night my mom specifically told me to go straight to DC and not come to Connecticut.

Still, after such a wonderful, wonderful trip as we had, it sucks to have such a bitter re-entry to reality.

But at least we’re alive.

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