Ah, Pointless Quizzes

Thanks to Weigel for this one: What Country Are You?

You’re the Falkland Islands!

You’re pretty insignificant in the big picture, but when you have influence, it affects the most important people in your world. Sadly, you don’t have much of a will or voice of your own, and it’s hard to develop it when your big aspirations are to live on a farm. Your emotional life is stormy and windswept, but you have a few close friends that follow you like, well, sheep.
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Okay, although this is a highly unscientific quiz, I find several problems with the response: I have no desire to live on a farm, ever. I cannot get people to follow me like sheep (otherwise, I’d already have a job). And I have my own voice, thank you. Hear it (or at least the 1999 version of it) here.

I’d say bah, but I think the more apporpriate comment is baaaaaa.

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