I went to the International House of Pancakes this evening, having my traditional scrambled eggs and bacon. Alas, what I could not have was my traditional pancakes and hash browns on top of this. Silly Atkins diet. At least I know I won’t have a protein deficiency…

I did get to cajole Mark into downing three plates of pancakes in IHOP’s Never-Ending Pancakes special, which was entertaining. I told him he had to make up for the pancakes that I couldn’t eat.

Fortunately, he did not (as he claimed he might) explode all over my car, leaving me to clean blood, guts, and several tons of semi-digested pancakes out of my upholstery. I have enough trouble getting the Nacho Cheez from Doritos out of that shit.

But I think I passed a major test, in that I was sorely tempted to say “fuck this Atkins bullshit” and have a heaping mound of pancakes, and I didn’t. We’ll see how hard it is in a couple weeks when I haven’t eaten bread for 15 days….

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