Why I Usually Take A Cab

Looking at the cab line at LAX last night, and seeing approximately 8,000 people waiting for approximately three cabs, I decided I’d try out the new bus service that runs from right near my apartment to and from LAX.

I was reminded why I usually drop the extra 20 bucks on a cab: The driver.

First of all, the driver was talking to herself. I initally thought she was talking on a cellphone with a headset, but after a couple long periods of silence, it became abundantly clear that she was not.

Secondly, she stopped the bus at a stoplight, and opened the doors as she ran into a store to make a quick purchase.

It was, naturally, a liquor store.

Say what you will about the loony cabdrivers of the world, but at least they wait to stop at the liquor store until after they’ve let their passenger out of the cab.

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