Viewer Alert 3

Watch the show tomorrow (see what station here, I’m in the open and in some of the bumpers where they show the Riff Raff Room.

And a reader alert: I’m pulling my first all-nighter since I graduated tonight! Update to come.

3 thoughts on “Viewer Alert

  1. Reply Tara Feb 24,2005 4:45 pm

    I was home sick yesterday and saw the promo for this! Too bad I had to come in today and have to fly to Miami this afternoon – I’ll miss it!

  2. Reply Kim Feb 24,2005 10:01 pm

    CRAP! I missed it! And I could’ve TiVoed it and everything.

  3. Reply Ellen Feb 25,2005 2:16 am

    Tsk tsk. It will re-air on Oxygen at 10pmCST (11 Eastern/Pacific) next thursday.

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