Uh Huh…Right. 2

Most of my friends are out of town for New Year’s, and the vast majority of the remainder are headed for Las Vegas, leaving me to try and figure out how to avoid another New Year’s of drinking alone.

So I looked at the Craigslist W4W section just for giggles, and I found them.

Best line: “This will be very intimate, discrete and classy.” Yes. Because sex parties advertised on Craigslist are always all three of those.

2 thoughts on “Uh Huh…Right.

  1. Reply mrs. e. Dec 31,2004 6:20 am

    that ad has been “removed by the craigslist community” — what’d we miss?

  2. Reply Ellen Dec 31,2004 6:54 am

    D’oh. Basically it was just your run of the mill “We need more chicks to balance out our sex party, otherwise it’ll look like we’re gay!” post, with the traditional “No fat chicks” and “please send a picture.” And that particular quote that I put there, which was not run of the mill, and made it really funny to me.

    Despite their unintentional hilarity, those posts usally get nixed by a very militant group that watches over the w4w section like hawks making sure nothing involving dicks stays posted for more than a couple hours. I can understand their annoyance, but sometimes I wish they’d let a couple people just continue to look like asses for a while, simply because they’re so hilariously stupid.

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