Two Weeks and Two Days

There’s wrapping, and then there’s sticking a fork in it. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to go work for 2 weeks and two days to stick a fork in it. By Good Friday, it should all be gone.

The odd thing is, I still have to bring all my crap in, as if I were actually starting a new job. The whole ergo keyboard/mouse/laptop stand, eight bajillion computer cords, and all the assorted detrius I need like pens and a stapler (and in this instance, one of my tape guns).

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t have to still schlep all that in if I’m not going to be there that long. Oh well.

Anyway, paying work good. More than two weeks and two days of it would be great, but hey, if it keeps the wolves away from my door for an extra half-month, I’ll take it.

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