The Whining Ceases 6

Well, you won’t hear me whining about not having a job for at least a few months, because…I have a job!

I’d been helping out someone who was replacing their assistant at the show, and I apparently did pretty well.

While they hired someone more suited to the responsibilities of being a full-time assistant (i.e. does not go insane when nailed to a desk all day), they ended up offering me a job that’s basically a PA Plus Other Random Cool Shit gig.

I’m still technically a PA, although a description of what I’m going to be doing in addition would take about a page, and I think some of it is still getting sorted out.

Still, I’m very glad. I work my ass off at every job, and some people notice it and some people don’t. These guys not only noticed it, but really stuck their necks out for me, and that makes me want to work even harder for them.

Bottom Line: It looks like an excellent opportunity, while at the same time it pays enough so that I can feed myself AND my cat. Huzzah!

6 thoughts on “The Whining Ceases

  1. Reply KM Jan 10,2006 12:05 pm


    and it’s another cool show :)

  2. Reply mrs. e. Jan 10,2006 12:57 pm


    and it’s another show i haven’t seen yet. :-)

  3. Reply Jon A Jan 10,2006 5:26 pm

    SO exciting! You totally deserve this. Many, many congrats!

  4. Reply Mark Jan 10,2006 7:29 pm

    I was unemployed from July to the first week in January, too, so now we are kindred spirits. May no one else ever go through what you just did. Congrats on surviving.

  5. Reply Kim Jan 23,2006 10:00 pm

    Congrats, cousin! House is my favorite show – smart and funny. I hope your job is everything you want it to be. It sounds like a great opportunity.

    Oh, and congrats on successfully feeding you and your cat. My dog and I can relate…

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