The Danger Of Mixing Football And Politics 2

Former Redskins quarterback Heath Shuler is running for Congress, but I’m not sure that he really wants to win. After all, he’ll likely get strung up by ‘Skins fans if he comes within 200 miles of D.C.

Why, you ask? Note this paragraph in the above-linked story:

Drafted in the first round by the Washington Redskins in 1994, Shuler’s pro career never developed. In four-plus NFL seasons with the Redskins and New Orleans Saints, Shuler started just 22 games, throwing for 15 touchdowns and 33 interceptions.

A four-year career with twice as many interceptions as touchdowns from the freakin’ first round draft pick is ridiculous. Especially since he was the fifth pick in the ENTIRE GODDAMN DRAFT.

Plus, the ‘Skins passed on Trent Dilfer to get Shuler. Dilfer may be washed-up now, but he at least had a few really good years for Tampa Bay right after they drafted him.

And the years that followed the draft of Shuler started the gradual decline of the ‘Skins from two-time Super Bowl champs to their current state of money-wasting suckitude.

So the entire football-mad city of Washington, D.C. really hates this guy. And you’d think, if you had common sense, that you should avoid a city where an enormous proportion of the population hates your guts.

Heath Shuler, however, is purposely trying to get sent to that city.

Voters of North Carolina, take note: Your new Democratic congressional candidate does not have one goddamn ounce of common sense.

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  2. Reply TRoyal Jul 19,2005 3:45 am

    Speak on it, Ellen!

    And I don’t know if common sense will help you avoid throwing into coverage to produce twice as many INTs and TDs….

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