That Ain’t Right 3

What the fuck is going on with the weather out West? First it snows six inches in Antelope Valley (just north of Los Angeles) this morning, then I see this:

That’s the big fake Pharoah at the Luxor. In fucking LAS VEGAS. Yes, that’s right, folks, Las Vegas got six inches of snow today, too.

I first heard about this when Joel told me his trip had been cancelled because his co-workers got stranded in a snowstorm in Vegas. The Vegas airport owns neither a snowplow nor a de-icer, so they called him at O’Hare to say, “Yeah, don’t get on the plane.”

Seriously, this is just ridiculous. I’ve had one big shoot that keeps getting cancelled because of weather, and at the rate things are going with both that shoot and the overall weather, the next cancellation is going to be because it’s raining blood.

3 thoughts on “That Ain’t Right

  1. Reply Jamie Dec 18,2008 9:49 am

    You could be underwater, like Venice…hope your weather normalizes soon! Also, give me a call while you’re in CT?

  2. Reply Ellen Dec 18,2008 10:18 am

    True that. The pictures from there are nuts too. And I’m going to email you re: CT.

  3. Reply Laz Dec 18,2008 8:18 pm

    Heh heh… Christin and I originally were thinking about going to Vegas this week. Instead, we went to the Bahamas, where it was 80 degrees and sunny each day. And we still got to gamble every day. :)

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