WARNING: I’m in a really foul mood right now, so perhaps when I wake up I’ll take some of this back. But probably not.

You know, I’m not really one for the holidays most of the time, but this year I’ve been particularly Scroogetastic.

I was sick all last week, which didn’t help. I scratched the hell out of my car (probably going to be $1K to fix, at least) Friday, which also didn’t help.

A friend of mine at work got promoted to a job that I wanted (he has, to be fair, been there quite a bit longer than I have), and while I am genuinely happy for him, it still didn’t help my overall mood.

I’ve been handing out free stuff worth more than a week’s salary to people who barely have the ability to say thank you, which is not helping, especially because that continues until next Thursday.

Tonight, however, was the crux. We had to build and wrap 100 huge boxes as props for our holiday party. There’s very little less satisfying than wrapping an empty box.

Especially when you’re listening to a CD of poorly sung Christmas carols as you’re doing it. Just makes you want to find a shotgun.

And I found out that we get to decorate and undecorate the location for our holiday party, which is Saturday, so we’re decorating Friday and undecorating Sunday.

The extra money for working Sunday will at least help pay for fixing my car…but I have to work Sunday after drinking myself into a stupor.

And I’m not getting any of the free shit they’re handing out, so you can be damn sure I’m going to try and make up for some of that by drinking the whole office under the table Saturday night.

Free booze? Biiiig mistake. At least I’ll finally hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling…and any number of other things, too, I bet.

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