Questions Raised Catching Up On Films Via HBO 2

Tonight’s episode: Poseidon. The questions I’ve come up with, ten minutes into the movie:

– Who on earth watched the original Poseidon Adventure and decided “What this hysterically over-the-top movie needs is a completely straightfaced, effects-heavy remake!”?

– Is Jacinda Barrett trying to pull off an American accent? Or some sort of weird nondescript Greater British Empire accent? Because if it’s the former, she fails miserably.

– Sweet God above, who decided to murder the ears of the audience by having Fergie of the Black-Eyed Peas try to be a torch singer?

– When did Richard Dreyfuss start looking really, really old?

– How much did they cut out of this movie? I knew a guy who worked on this and it shot for eight months, and it barely surpasses 90 minutes.

Anyway, back to watching Wolfgang Peterson blow over $1 million per minute of finished product.

2 thoughts on “Questions Raised Catching Up On Films Via HBO

  1. Reply Laz Aug 30,2007 3:28 am

    This is not a topic possible for conversation, as you are now the only person to ever see the movie.

  2. Reply Ellen Aug 30,2007 5:47 am

    Hey, it made $60 million, so at least a couple other people saw it. Granted, its budget was $160 million, but who’s counting?

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