Question for the Producers of Viva Laughlin

If you’re going to have a show where all the actors are singing popular songs, wouldn’t it be best to get license to versions of the songs where they’re not being drowned out by the original singers?

I mean, I’d have loved to hear Hugh Jackman, a legitimately great singer, sing Sympathy For The Devil. But as the show is doing things, you can barely hear him over Mick Jagger. Although I will concede, it’s probably a mercy to hear Debbie Harry drowning out a severely botoxed Melanie Griffith.

Anyone who’s seen Viva Blackpool, the BBC show on which this is based: Do they do it that way on VB? Because frankly, I don’t see this method working at ALL on the Brits.

Also, Hugh Jackman’s hairdresser should be arrested for crimes against the straight women and gay men of America. Seriously, he’s got a lesbian mullet. That ain’t right.

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