Oy To The World 2

This story in the Washington Post about the ever-escalating arms race for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs made me shake my head in wonder:

Hundreds of New York bar mitzvahs cost $100,000 or more. Many top the quarter-million-dollar mark.

I realize New York City is usually not the best place to start comparisons when talking about money, since everything is outrageously expensive there to begin with, and there’s a preponderance of people with more money than sense.

But $100,000+ for a fucking BAR MITZVAH? Good god. Attention moronic parents: Your child’s party should not cost more than a COLLEGE EDUCATION.

I sincerely doubt that my Bat Mitzvah cost even close to a tenth of that, and there were definitely more people there than there will be in the unlikely event I ever get married (around 150 total, if I remember right).

What the fuck? I know we’re living in an age of ostentatious wealth, but don’t people have ANY goddamn restraint anymore?

2 thoughts on “Oy To The World

  1. Reply Mark Dec 14,2005 12:07 am

    Announcement: By the time these kiddies get to college, $100,000+ likely will NOT be more than their college education.

  2. Reply Ellen Dec 14,2005 4:12 am

    True, but I meant in terms of today’s dollars. And not necessarily at a place where, say, you and I went to college (since that cost about $140k ’99-’03). Probably should have made that clearer, but I was a bit blinded by rage.

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