Oh… 2

You know, watching all nine episodes of this season’s Six Feet Under in one weekend is probably not the best thing for one’s mental health.

Especially considering how damn depressing the last episode was, and I can’t imagine the one tonight will be any cheerier.

I’m going to go find some prozac or something…

2 thoughts on “Oh…

  1. Reply Dave Aug 8,2005 9:40 pm

    Well hey, kudos on catching up. I definitely think this is the best season since S2.

  2. Reply Laz Aug 9,2005 4:33 am

    I just caught up, too. Just saw the last three episodes in a row. And while this season has been extraordinarily well written and acted, it doesn’t strike me as in the spirit of the first four seasons.

    I mean, yeah, bad shit is always happening to the Fishers. But got-DAMN. There used to be a bit of quirkiness and bizarre funniness that would go on, too. Ever since David’s little foray into hitchhikers, it’s been beating us over the head with depression a bit, hasn’t it?

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