Nothin’ To Do, Nowhere To Go-o… 5

Ah, hiatus.

I’m now officially on a 2-month break from my employers at the show, since we’re not taping anything new for 3 months, and they don’t really need us underlings back for a couple months.

The downside, of course, is that this is not a paid hiatus. While it would be glorious to get paid to do nothing, I think it’s probably a good thing in the long run, because I’d go batshit insane if I did.

I’m waiting to hear on a major summer employment opportunity, which I’ll spell out in more detail when I hear about it for sure. But I’m probably not going to hear until Thursday.

Which means, kids, that life is very boring. I’m running around doing things like cleaning the enormous mess that my apartment has become, and getting my second flat in 2 weeks fixed on my bike.

I’ve watched more movies and Tivo’d reruns of assorted television shows than I care to remember, I’ve gone through every internet-based time-waster I can think of, and I’m still bored.

Theoretically, now that my bike is fixed, I’ll have more opportunities to go out and, you know, do something constructive with my time (or at least more constructive than getting heavily addicted to Buffy The Vampire Slayer reruns…shut up, I hated it too until I started watching it!)

So is this the beginning of my new life as a stereotypical California beach bum? Or simply a weeklong break until paid work comes my way on Thursday?

I strongly hope for the latter, but in the case of the former, any food or monetary donations to help me hold out through the end of July would be appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Nothin’ To Do, Nowhere To Go-o…

  1. Reply Kim Jun 2,2004 3:23 am

    what’s with Your Boss’ gesture on the website?

    Good luck w/the potential summer employment!

  2. Reply Ellen Jun 2,2004 4:42 am

    Gesture? Is this in the flash intro (mine’s still coming up the one where she’s reading emails, I may need to refresh my cache), or just the big dopey smile thing on the main page?

  3. Reply Kim Jun 2,2004 12:11 pm

    It was some crossed wrist turned arm thing…

  4. Reply Ellen Jun 2,2004 8:15 pm

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, Kim :)

  5. Reply Ellen Jun 2,2004 10:16 pm

    Update: Kim has clarified that it’s the weird standing position on the front page of the website. I think she’s just trying not to fall down, but still look cool while doing that.

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