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I’ve finally gotten around to adding Troy and Eu’s entertaining Urban Therapy blog to the list of Amigos Locos.

They were nice enough to link to me a while back, and though their comments section seems to be plagued by either a comment-spambot or a prankster, their site is quite entertaining.


4 thoughts on “Noted

  1. Reply TRoyal Aug 25,2004 12:40 pm


    We thank you.

    As fr the comment spamming, I’m working on removing that. 200 posts, and they found a way to comment all of them. GotDAMN.

    But enough of that. Thanks, Ellen!

  2. Reply Laz Aug 26,2004 1:17 am

    now if only they’d post more than once a month. :P

  3. Reply mrs. e. Aug 26,2004 2:02 am

    why don’t you move to chicago and make me? :P

  4. Reply Ellen Aug 26,2004 4:08 am

    She does have a point, Laz.


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