Old News: Fall 2000

goatbulletDate Unknown, 2000 :: Psychadelic Goat Records Fall 2000 Newsletter

Hey Everyone!

‘Tis I, Ellen Shapiro, writing to inform you of how everything here at Psychadelic Goat Records is going (and since I am the only artist on Psychadelic Goat Records, how I’m doing). Well, almost five months after putting out the Spring/Summer newsletter, I’ve finally gotten enough time and news to send out a brand new edition of this Newsletter. And there’s big news in this one…


I’m extremely pleased to announce that I’ve been selected to showcase at the Rockrgrl Music Conference 2000, taking place from November 2-4 in Seattle, Washington. The conference is being run by Rockrgrl Magazine, a magazine about women in music, and if you want to find out more about the speakers and other performers and stuff go to http://www.rockrgrl.com/conference. Okay, so you’re probably sitting there thinking, “Ellen, what the hell is a showcase and why are you so happy that you’re in one?” Well, a showcase, especially at a relatively large music conference like this one, is a place where talent scouts from national and regional managers, booking agents, and agents, along with major and indie label A&R people, distributors, and all sorts of radio people come to look for good new singers. You don’t get paid to play at them if you’re not a headliner, but the trade off is that you get a bunch of free publicity and you get to perform in front of people who can can eventually help you make some money doing what you love (while taking their 15%, of course). It’s gonna rock.


It would be nice if I knew, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact night, time, or length of set that I’m doing quite yet, but if you’d like to know, please keep checking my mp3.com site (address at the very bottom of this email) and I’ll post it up there as soon as I find out. Or you can just email me directly at this email address, and I’ll let you know.


Glad you asked. For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember (and even for those who don’t care) I spent six weeks this summer at Berklee College of Music in Boston learning all sorts of cool theory stuff. I participated in the 5-Week Summer Performance Program and the weeklong Boston Guitar Sessions. I met some really cool people there, and a lot of people who are so ridiculously talented I just had to stand there with my jaw hanging open. I learned a whole hell of a lot and had a great time in Boston, and if anyone out there is really serious about music as a career, I highly recommend the SPP. I also am happy to announce that I got first runner up in the 5-Week Performing Songwriter competition, and after hearing the winners’ songs, I was floored that I was even considered good enough to be considered a finalist.

IV. SO HOW WAS THE REST OF YOUR SUMMER? (skip if you don’t care)

I was home with my friends for a while which was cool, and I worked at Starbucks for the first month. That I don’t so highly recommend unless for some sick reason you like getting up at four in the morning to get abused by caffeine-dependent yuppies. I also traveled out west for a couple weeks and visited my Dad’s place in Atlanta for a couple of weeks. That was fun.


I’d really like to thank those of you who came out for this lovely little event, which went well. I particularly want to thank my friends Jon and Matthew for their Muppet routine, and especially the head bobbing dance during Andy Warhol Was Wrong (those of you who came know what I’m talking about).


Everyone has probably seen my fun little mp3.com site, though you can click on the link in case you haven’t seen it and haven’t tried out those wonderful FREE mp3’s that I’ve stuck up there. There’s now a direct link to buy my album from buy.com, a wonderful outfit that sells good CD’s megacheap, so I heartily endorse them. The big deal is that I recently purchased a web domain so as to set up an official website, which will hopefully be at least linked back to the mp3.com site by the time I head to Seattle, with more to come as I take various web-design courses this year. Watch for more news in the Winter 2001 newsletter.


Well, as of right now I’m going to try and set up an approximately monthly concert series in my dorm’s Main Lounge, and if you’re on the Northwestern Campus or know someone in the Chicagoland area interested in splitting sets with me, please let me know. Other than that, I’m getting ready to start pounding the pavement as soon as I finish taking care of little things like trying to figure out exactly how much money my bank thinks I have (as opposed to how much I think I have), get ahead on my work so I can actually make it to Seattle without being buried by work when I get back, and setting up the new website.


Fine. To be removed just send me an email asking me to remove you, and it will be done. To sign people up for this list, first make sure you ask them first so that I’m not bombarding unsuspecting people with this stuff, and then send me their email addresses. If you need to change your email address, please send me both your old and new email addresses so I can make sure I change the right one.


All righty, I think that about covers what I’ve been doing for the last five months, and what I’m up to. Again, please keep checking the mp3.com site if you’d like to know when I’m playing in Seattle. If you think I’m decent, pass this letter on to people you know in Seattle, and encourage them to check out the mp3.com site and come down to the concert. I don’t know very many people in Seattle, but I hope I can meet some cool ones while I’m out there. So pass this newsletter on to all your friends who like music, and send me an email and let me know how you’re doing. Since you all now know what I’m up to, I hope you can take a couple seconds to let me know how you are. Have a wonderful fall, and unless this conference goes beyond my wildest dreams, this will be my last newsletter until January. But I promise if something really cool happens, I’ll let you guys know first :). Thanks for reading, and you guys rock.

Much Love To All,