Old News: 2003

goatbullet8.12.03 :: Goin’ To California

(Note: This was sent in place of a newsletter for…uh, most of 2002 and 2003)

Hey Everyone,

I know it’s been quite some time since I wrote (according to my records, April 2nd of last year was my last newsletter), so although I don’t have enough time for a full newsletter because I’m in the process of trying to stuff my life into boxes, I feel a need to bring you up to speed:

– I graduated from college (yay!) and now have a diploma that is worth more than anything I will own until I purchase a house. Unless I purchase a Ferarri first, but I digress.

– I’ve spent my time since finishing classes in December bouncing around assorted jobs and assorted O.R.’s (Lesson learned: If you’ve got pain in the lower right quadrant of your stomach, get that checked out, ’cause it’s probably appendicitis!), and generally making enough juuuust enough money to permit me to goof off when I have the energy.

– I’ve finally got what looks to be enough money and enough songs to record an album, but the songs need to be fleshed out a lot more before I go in and record them. I fully intend to record my next album with a full band and have it out sometime in 2004. When depends on a lot of things, because (drumroll please)…

– I’m moving to Los Angeles! I am not moving for music, but for film sound (which, unbeknownst to most people, is what I actually studied in college). I’m leaving with my stuff this Thursday, which is why I’m writing you now, and I’ll be out there permanently as of the first week of September (roadtrip!). I don’t have an address or a job quite yet…I will admit, there’s not a great deal of planning going into this move, but for what I do at the entry level, it’s pretty much L.A. or starve.

My running joke about this whole situation is that I’m like the Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons: I’m walking off the edge of the cliff, and as long as I don’t look down, I’ll be fine.

And really, that’s pretty much the long and short of it. I’ll get around to updating my website (other than posting this newsletter) one of these days, and will probably redesign it by the end of the year. I will update you when it looks like I have a better grip on just what the hell I’m doing with my life, and when said activities will permit me to record my next album.

I hope everyone is doing well, and feel free to drop me a line, but be aware that my answers may be a bit slow in coming until about mid-September. Talk to you guys later this year!


P.S.- As always, if you want off this mailing list, please just send me an email, and you’ll be removed immediately. I can also add people you think might be interested, although you might want to ask them first :)