Mmm…Cheap Clothing… 2

I have to say, I do love Old Navy. But I need to stay the fuck away from their website.

I bought a TON of clothes there the other day, because I had gone to my local store and they were out of my size in my favored style of pants.

And I must have my style of pants: The painter’s jeans. They’re the awesomest pants ever.

They have the little secondary pocket in the main right front pocket that I stash my iPod in, and they have the great little side pocket for stashing all sorts of stuff, but that fits a 16-ounce water bottle perfectly (and I drink those all day at work).

So I went to the website to see if they had my size. And they did, but I kept looking at more and more pages. All of a sudden, I had an enormous amount of clothing in my cart. Even after some paring, I still went a little nuts.

Now, I’ll grant that a lot of this was on sale, but for just over 200 bucks (including tax and shipping), I got:

  • 4 pairs of jeans
  • One pair of basketball shorts
  • A nice fake leather belt
  • Two long-sleeve lightweight shirts
  • A half-zip pullover
  • A sweater
  • A long-sleeve heavy shirt

Most other stores, I’d get maybe two pairs of jeans and the belt for the same money.

It all arrived this afternoon, and I still can’t believe that I basically bought a whole new wardrobe. I also can’t believe I spent 200 bucks on clothes in one fell swoop. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

It’s especially remarkable because I have always despised shopping for clothes, but Old Navy actually has stuff that fits me well, so I sort of enjoy shopping there.

I probably won’t spend another penny on clothing for the rest of the year, but man. I need to figure out a way to filter that site out so I don’t go and spend that much money again.

2 thoughts on “Mmm…Cheap Clothing…

  1. Reply Mark Oct 5,2004 10:52 pm

    Girl likes her clothes. Film at 11.

  2. Reply Ellen Oct 5,2004 11:53 pm

    You have met me, right?

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