Meow 2

You know, about 2 weeks ago I would have found this application a bit silly. Now I find it disappointing that it’s not offered for Macs.

Thanks to Joel for pointing this out to me.

2 thoughts on “Meow

  1. Reply Laz Nov 6,2004 7:28 am

    I haven’t had a “c” key on my laptop for more nearly three years because of my cat. He was lying on the keyboard, got spooked, and his back claw ripped out the key when he jumped off. It’s quite annoying not having a “c” key.

  2. Reply TRoyal Nov 8,2004 9:56 pm

    Actually, there WAS a program that did this…it may still be out there. It was originally programmed for when a baby started hammering on keys…

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